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My name is Slobodan Kosanović, one of many breeders of rottweilers in Serbia.
First dog was brought to my yard in April, 15th 1989. That dog was female named Boma, JR 80144 Rw (Herkul Majevički x Jetti von Haus Roseman). Boma was first rottweiler in my birth town Inđija, Serbia. My first breeder steps was with Boma, and I learned all about rottweilers thanks to her. Boma was on diferent shows too, she awarded 5xCAC i 5xR-CAC. Thanks to Boma and her caracter, our kennel breeds rottweilers.

Kennel was officialy registered at internacional organisation FCI in avgust, 1995. as "OF BATONI" FCI 3576 YU. First champion from our breed was Yorck of Batoni JR 76819 Rw. In 1999. he become champion of Yugoslavia.

If you decided to spend your time with rottweilers, just do it, You wouldn`t be in wrong!

Slobodan Kosanović
owner of "Of Batoni" kennel.

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